Empowered by Alcorix devices, researchers can see and do more in the nanoscale range.

Inspired to innovate precision micro and nanofabrication solutions, Alcorix has developed a proprietary portfolio of novel devices, techniques and processes that deliver a whole new level of ultra-precision and accuracy. Our devices can detect, discriminate, image, manipulate, and deliver materials at lower and lower size scales. Our products include precision focusing devices, beam blockers, resolution targets and pinhole apertures, with other products under development such as high-pressure cells, microprobes, microsensors, and other microfabricated tools.


Recent product news

Alcorix Co. and ExpressLO LLC obtained The Microscopy Today 2021 Innovation Award

      Each year Microscopy Today presents 10 awards to organizations or individuals who have launched or published innovations in microscopy or microanalysis. Winning products and methods […]

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Membranes with controlled level of stress

UNCD membranes   *UNCD membranes with positive (tensile) stress are possible only with composite membranes #Only an upper limit of membrane size is given. The lower limit is […]

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Ultra-nano-crystalline diamond (UNCD) grids for transmission electron microscopy

Being elemental-pure and made of carbon, with low energy spectral EDS lines, UNCD grids allow interference-free spectral analyses of most atomic elements in TEM samples. Specialized UNCD grids […]

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