Characterization of Saw-tooth Refractive Lenses Published

Alcorix has recently coauthored an article with Argonne National Laboratory that characterizes the capabilities of silicon saw-tooth refractive lenses developed by Alcorix to provide submicron focusing of high energy X-rays at >50keV photon energies. These in-line lenses, which are continuously tunable, effectively parabolic, and have zero attenuation on-axis, have been demonstrated to provide sub-micron focal spots, which can enable better imaging of fine, micron grain-sized polycrystalline materials, and provide new insights into the micromechanics of the deformation of materials under strain.

This article appeared in the November 2020 issue of Optics Express:

S. D. Shastri and N. Moldovan, “Submicron focusing of high-energy X-rays with silicon saw-tooth refractive lenses: fabrication and aberrations,” Opt. Express 28, 36505-36515 (2020)