Open Position with Alcorix:
Research Scientist – Nanoscale Device Fabrication and Simulation


Alcorix Co. is a friendly team of scientists that enjoys dreaming up innovative solutions in the field of X-ray optics and nanofabrication, then turning those ideas into reality using our expertise in various fields and techniques of nanomanufacturing. The main projects that we are working on are a way to batch produce X-ray Fresnel Zone Plates (FZPs) for focusing high energy X-rays down to 10 nm focal spots, and a projects based on microfluidics. These devices are expected to enable major discoveries in nanoscience by allowing scientists to explore materials with X-rays at smaller length scales than is currently possible. The applicant will be expected to contribute to these projects in as many of the following capacities as possible:

(1) Nanofabrication and characterization of new generations of FZPs
(2) Simulating device output as function of design parameters
(3) Data analysis
(4) Writing scientific publications and project reports
(5) Device testing at synchrotron X-ray experiments

In addition to contributing to the current prototypes development, the candidate will have the opportunity to lead his or her own projects, interact with customers in cutting-edge fields and get exposed to a variety of applications.

Desired Knowledge:

We are looking for a talented scientist with strong interpersonal skills and a passion for scientific discovery. The candidate should have a PhD in a relevant field such as physics, materials science, optics, chemistry, mechanics, or engineering. MS level studies with relevant experience will also be considered. Additionally, the candidate should be self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision if necessary. Specific skills in one or both of the following categories would be beneficial:

Microfabrication: Experience in a cleanroom environment using tools such as SEM, FIB, ALD, chemical etching, RIE, lithography, etc.

Simulation: Modeling experimental devices using a programming language such as C++, Python, Matlab, or IGOR. Knowledge of COMSOL or similar simulation programs is a plus.

The candidates are supposed to grow steadily in experience and get promoted, while being supported to acquire and enhance their skills by working with experts in the fields. The company encourages the desire for acquiring entrepreneurship skills though programs such as iCorp and others.

To apply: Please e-mail your resume directly to Please include the position title in the subject line of your email.