Sawtooth Device Description

Sawtooth devices are refractive optics that are used to focus high energy X-rays, commonly in the 50-100 keV range.  Alcorix's sawtooth devices are made from single-crystal silicon and achieve sub-micrometer focal spots for most configurations.  Standard products come either as 60 or 90 mm length, 10 mm width, and tooth height of 100, 150, or 200 micrometers.  Alcorix's sawtooth devices were tested at 70 keV on a synchrotron beam line and showed 0.8 um linear focusing capability

Advantages of sawtooth refractive lenses are that they have an effectively parabolic thickness profile, a high transmission and a continuous tunability in photon energy and focal length*.  Please see calculations below for focal distances for various experimental conditions and product attributes.


Shastri, S. D., et al. "High-energy X-ray optics with silicon saw-tooth refractive lenses." Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 14.2 (2007): 204-211.