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Hard X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate Description

Alcorix is currently developing Fresnel zone plates for focusing high energy X-rays ranging from 20 keV to 100 keV.   These efforts are funded through NSF SBIR grants (Phase I Contract #1648219, Phase II Contract #1831268). 

Alcorix's ultimate goal is to achieve hard X-ray zone plates with a focal spot of 7 nm with zone plates optimized for use at 25 keV by September, 2020.  Our method uses atomic layer deposition to deposit multilayer nanolaminate films  on cylindrical silicon precursors to grow the Fresnel zones.  During the NSF Phase I award, we demonstrated the viability of this technique by showing high quality, multilayer nanolaminate films down to 5 nm widths.  

During Phase II, we are producing and testing functional zone plates.   Some of the product attributes are still flexible so please contact us if you are interested in discussing your needs with us.  We are also interested in partnering with X-ray beam lines for beta testing.

Top view